God’s Alarm and the Harlot Babylon Revealed

A wonderful Yom Teruah (Rosh Hashana) to you all!

The Lord had me update the teruah alarm I released about a month ago because it lacked… http://3rdcompass.org/go?v=GODS-CORAL-ALARM

If you don’t know why Christians should celebrate YomTeruah and other Jewish holidays, see my High Holidays series from last year that started with Yom Teruah: http://3rdcompass.org/go?v=SERVICE-2020-09-18

Have a wonderful and blessed holiday season in Christ. Amen.

Afghans will need help with U.S. troops leaving

As a Vietnam War refugee whose family was helped a lot by relocation to America, I can sympathize with Afghan people who are at risk when the U.S. pulls troops out this year. While my mother and I were evacuated, my father was imprisoned by the Viet Cong and lost for 18 years when Saigon was captured in 1975, so if you support refugees and their families, send President Biden a note through HIAS.org here… https://act.hias.org/page/30693/action/1?chain

Stop cycles of violence

The accidental police killing of Daunte Wright a few days ago has brought out more hate, anger, and the seeking of immediate revenge by protesters who do not appear to care about the circumstances of the case. I’ve seen this unchecked anger nationwide often since George Floyd died. Reverse prejudice and hate needs to stop. Isn’t it the same kind of behavior the BLM movement blames on authority? How can you seek justice for yourselves when you deny it to your opponent?

God says, Your peace and healing are in pursuing righteousness and forgiveness.
Seek righteous change, but love your enemies, forgive, be peaceable, and seek not your own revenge.
George Floyd would say forgive and Daunte Wright’s family cries for peace.
The arms race in hate and aggression destroys until it is broken.

How is Black America and authority to resolve their conflicts? See… http://3rdcompass.org/go?v=BLACK-VS-AMERICA

Examination of the Exodus to Sinai with never seen before details

A good Palm Sunday to you all! Many of you might not know that today is also the first day of Passover, which is a closely connected holiday to the week leading up to Christ’s crucifixion. So to get your Biblical history and heritage up to date, I just released a detailed examination of the Exodus journey that started on the first day of Passover over 3000 years ago. Join me in the journey… http://3rdcompass.org/go?v=EXODUS-JOURNEY

Stop the cycle of violence

The trial for the officers involved in killing George Floyd is Monday, so I wanted to remind protesters that using hate to fight hate only keeps the cycle going…

Stop the cycle of violence; George Floyd would say forgive. Don’t spread hate in his name.

God says, Seek righteous change, but love your enemies, forgive, be peaceable, and seek not your own revenge.