How to change so another George Floyd doesn’t happen

Happy Shavuot – Pentecost to you all!

Protests and riots over George Floyd have overshadowed most news these days, but remember these things are happening and George died because you’re not stopping cycles of sin.

HOW DO YOU CHANGE IT? God says, Forgive and Love everyone EVEN your enemies. Do not take revenge yourself, for He will avenge, and He hates unrighteous authority. So judge righteously, show no favoritism, and be at peace with everyone to your best ability.

Let the peoples and authority everywhere know this and be blessed in its pursuit, through HaMashiach Yehoshua – Christ Jesus. Amen.

God’s reasons for having you live with masks and social distancing

With more believers going back to churches, temples, and synagogues, what should you think about when you gather with masks and social distancing in place? Interacting with everyone behind masks and fear of physical contact is not a normal or healthy world.

See the spiritual reasons in the COVID-19 update at

In need of help

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Isaiah and the end of the age

As the world only focuses on fighting a virus, they cannot see how God fulfills His prophecies with it. I’ve known for years what part of the Christian Age we are in, but with the help of my fellow brethren and the Lord’s revelations, I understand how today’s pandemic and the things I’ve learned are fulfilling Isaiah chapters 24 through 27. See the details in the April 5th update of my article, COVID-19 Coronavirus Facts and Faith: